Dog housing

The surroundings of our new home in Okrouhlo (7 km south of Prague) isn't yet done but everything the dogs need works the way it should. There are 7 new kennels and in them insulated doghouses in 2 sizes.

We can see the kennels and paddock from the window of our living room, so the dogs are almost always under supervision.

We approach housed dogs individualy and with love. They are taken for a walk several times a day.

There are ideal conditions for walks. Pathways without cars with minimal people, meadows, fields and forests.

It is better for each dog if he is given food to which he is used to from home.

That is why we would prefer, if You would give it to us with Your dog. In the case of an emergency we can supply Your dog with our own quality granule.

If it would be a problem to transport Your dog to us, we can pick her/him up. (We charge 8,- Kč per Km).

We accept only healthy dogs and bitches (not in heat). We require a certificate of Vaccination with marked and valid vaccinations. Every dog has to have a collar, leash and muzzle, their favourite toy would be welcomed. We also need information about the behaviour and temperament of Your dog.

We will do everything for the happiness and safety of Your dogs and we look forward to Your and Your dog's visit.

The price for housing Your dog is 200,- Kč per every started day.



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